Blå: Karmaklubb* x Wünderkammer opening club

fre08okt(okt 8)23:00lør09(okt 9)03:00Blå: Karmaklubb* x Wünderkammer opening club w/ Fru Blom (Daniel & Lauren / TYVEN) pop-up drag w/ Cassie!!


With us, directly from Trondheim to Oslo comes one beloved being for the first club night in ‘ages’: Fru Blom (NOR), one half of the duo  Daniel & Lauren (NOR) (also known as Ida Vie and Håkon Blom) and TYVEN (NOR), Trondheim is from the north, a record enthusiast, accidentally becoming a DJ after dropping out of university. Lucky us!!!

Behind concepts such as ‘queer tunes’ and the motto ‘Rhythm, hope and house with pockets full of love’, Fru Blom is a new partner in crime and joy. Good karma* seeks and finds good karma*. As a self-proclaimed eccentric ‘vinyl priest’, Blom will spread love tonight!!! ‘Let’s stop making sense and get lost in landscapes of rhythm and joy from several eras.’ House, Disco, Balearic, organic grooves, high energy. And sometime between midnight and 1 AM there will be a pop-up magic by the one and only Cassie Brødskive aka Jens Martin Hartvedt Arvesen (NOR), probably dressed in green spandex. LOVE. Probably in green spandex. Join us early! = More pleasure.

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8. okt 2021 23:00 - 9. okt 2021 03:00(GMT+02:00)