BORN TO MIX - CLUB CULTURE: Day Programme & Talks, Sentralen

fre05april12:30fre18:00BORN TO MIX - CLUB CULTURE: Day Programme & Talks, SentralenWelcome to Vinterhagen at Sentralen for a full day of conversations and film-screening delving into the essence of club culture!


We will discuss the significance in fostering a more inclusive and creative club culture where alcohol takes the backseat, encouraging community, unity, and the social aspect of getting together through music, art, and dance. Simultaneously, what happens when clubbing becomes an ‘industry’? Please join us in this discussion; food for thought.

Conversations curated by:

// Det Gode Selskab 💜// [No Name] 💙// Karmaklubb* 💚// Sentralen MINT 💛


See more detailed information about the conversations further down.

13:00-13:45: TALK 1 – Conversation: Society & the future of club culture
Moderator: Mischa Mathys, Music Editor at Jæger Oslo

Anette Trettebergstuen 
(Arbeiderpartiet, Former Minister of Culture, DJ)
Ola Smith Simonsen
 (Jæger Oslo, Sunkissed)
Tracy Bakala 
(CEO Yoyaku, Interwave agency, Mahara agency, Whynot club Zanzibar, Sunny Side Festival)
Terje Dybdahl 
(Det Gode Selskab Records)

14:00-14:45: TALK 2 – Conversation: Iconic brands are built through culture
Binta Hammerich [No Name]

Maxime Heinan 
(Global Head of Culture, Collaborations & Partnerships, Absolut)
Ketil Børstein Stensrud
 (Director of Brand partnerships Superstruct Entertainment)
Christian. A Berg 
(Det Gode Selskab)
Might Be Twins 

15:00-16:00: TALK 3 – Conversation: Karmaklubb* Thought and pleasure session / ‘Trojan horsing’
 Tominga O’Donnell (Curator MUNCH)

Tine Semb 
(Organiser Karmaklubb*)
Mabell Holand 
(Activist, poet, community worker)
Koyote Millar 
(Activist, therapist og grassroot worker)
Refel Abeid 
(Frozen Jungle, DJ)

16:15-16:55: Film screening: “Come as you are” by Amy Secada

17:00-17:45 TALK 4 – Conversation: Is there room for dancing in Janteloven?
Moderator: Emma Damskau (Sentralen MINT, dancer)
Chriz Nypan (MUD Sessions Oslo, dancer/choreographer)
Niket Sharma
 (MUD, DJ)
Anne Golberg Stavn 
(MUD, dancer/choreographer)
Olle Abstract
 (Veteran DJ, radio host and legend)

FREE AND OPEN TO ALL. Register HERE (but possible to drop by).


(Fredag) 12:30 - 18:00(GMT+02:00)