Hello: Maike Statz! — Conversation and launch x final-day-of-residency queer juice

ons30mars19:00ons23:59Hello: Maike Statz! — Conversation and launch x final-day-of-residency queer juiceBergen, Baby!!


Conversation with Maike and release of the ‘Rainbow Palace’ — a launch of thoughts and reflections on feminist science fiction, architecture, shifting experiences of space throughout the pandemic and the opening potential of queerness and final-day-of-residency gathering. Yet another Karmaklubb* x Kiosken session. Please meet up 19:00, talk starts at 19:30. Feel free to bring your own favourite drinks. *FREE!* Then, join us out! WHERE = TBA!!!


March 2022 we are working on site with Kiosken Studio and various partners through satellites. Keyword: Queerness and joy; collaboration and conversation as well as visibility in public realms. The residency will include text launches, open conversations, parties, shows, and other artistic and social encounters. Major party is at ØSTRE, 25 March. Before and after: Stop by and visit at C. Sundts gate 36. Doors might be open, but when the green claw is lit: Be sure we are there. During the events at Kiosken: Please feel free to bring your own favourite drinks. Stay tuned for updates. Ad hocs will happen. ALL EVENTS ARE *FREE!* BERGEN, BABY!! @karmaklubb_oslo and at https://karmaklubb.com/


Maike Statz (AUS), born 1992, is an interior architect and artist educated in The Netherlands and Australia, now living in Bergen, Norway, working with writing and installation. Maike is invested in the influence of architecture on individuals and society, focusing on the relationship between gender, sexuality, and space, questioning how history is embedded in our various architectures and what power dynamics are at play. Recently Maike also introduced science fiction into their work, suggesting feminist science fiction is a literary genre through which the cultural constructions of race, class, sex, sexuality, and gender can be decoded. “What can we learn from spaces built through writing, in a context where reality is ruptured and re-imagined?” Maike grasped our attention by these various opening approaches to how architectures are constructed and functioning, and even better: Suggesting methods of how to challenge those structures both on physical as well as philosophical levels. You may call it ‘hacking of disciplined reality’. Thank you. Maike started writing for Karmaklubb* in 2021, hopefully into eternity. Maike also work collaborate with Danja Burchard, another friend of Karma*, currently (fall 2021) on the artistic written encounter BiAS (Bodies in Architecture Structures).


30. mars 2022 19:00 - 23:59(GMT+02:00)