Karmaklubb* at Kunstnernes Hus: “Art and public space: Queer in/visibility as activism” — Chapter 1 of 2

lør20jan12:00lør15:30Karmaklubb* at Kunstnernes Hus: “Art and public space: Queer in/visibility as activism” — Chapter 1 of 2Kunstnernes Hus Cinema / FREE <3


With us today: Mabell Holand, Nina Mauno Schjønsby, Delphine Bedel, Antonio Cataldo, Lara Okafor, Liv Brissach, Daniel Mariblanca, and beautiful guests. Perhaps surprises.


Part 1: ‘“Oh no, is that so …” On the forgotten and/or neglected narratives’

  • Writer, freelance editor, and publisher Nina Mauno Schjønsby on the journal Forloren Skildpadde (Mock Turtle’), published in 1837 by Camilla Collett and Emilie Diriks, and the book about to be launched (IGWTLI Publishing & Tekstbyrået).
  • Delphine Bedel, a feminist artist, curator, lecturer, editor, writer, and biohacker, on her research on the meaning and status of the term feminism in a historical and contemporary perspective.
  • Conversation with Nina Mauno Schjønsby and Delphine Bedel moderated by Antonio Cataldo.

For years, Nina and Delphine have been digging archives and researching parts of our history that have not gotten the attention it deserves. During this symposium, the two of them will meet for a conversation on history as we know it, and a nuanced perspective on what really happened — and what that could mean today.



Part 2: ‘In/outside: The body and the virtual’

  • Writer, software developer, and organiser Lara Okafor in conversation with art historian and curator Liv Brissach on the impact of new media on shaping perception of our bodies, identity, conceptions of visibility and transparency.


Part 3: ‘The (Queer) Body’

  • Dancer and choreographer Daniel Mariblanca presents his work with 71BODIES, a transgender inclusive dance and performance company that centers bodily experiences from with/in marginalized communities in its artistic creations while broadening the perspective of dance and performance.
  • Daniel in conversation with poet and activist Mabell Holand



The symposium is in English and will be open for questions from everyone in the room. Times are approximate, we will keep it fluid and take breaks when needed. Changes and nice surprises may occur, please stay tuned for updates. Facebook link here. For the 2nd chapter, 20 February 2024, go here. ID: No. *** 🎟️ FREE / First come, first served <3 Please show up early. HOT TIP: Nice to see the Boudry/Lorenz show, too.***

Produced in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Realised with generous support from the Fritt Ord Foundation.


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Welcome to a two-day symposium focusing on feminist and queer visibility as a necessity not only to obtain freedom of speech and towards equality, but to exist. It is also touching upon the ambivalence associated with the fact of being identified as queer, as other — and how invisibility also can be an act and strategy of survival. At the same time, we go for a broader scope of queer, as in non-binary thinking and actions to change the established narratives, history, the way society is organized. Further on it will be giving space to where art overlaps with academia and activism, in particular thinking around (queer) bodies in various public spaces — they be virtual, in the history books, or in the street. More specific: Some of the people involved will question which bodies are seen and heard/represented in these public spaces; how our architectures are built and for whom; what is left out of our common narratives; how the body itself can be a tool for activist expressions (dance, performance, choreography). The participants are both local, national, and international — we’ve been working with most of them before, some for years. A backdrop for the symposium is also the exhibition by Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz — a duo working with queerness and (in)visibility for a substantial time — ‘Walk Silently in the Dark Until Your Feet Become Ears’, at display at Kunstnernes Hus throughout February. This event is part of a much longer conversational travel. Welcome to a double thought and pleasure session building on a series started at Kunstnernes Hus, fall 2018. Roll out the red carpet


20. jan 2024 12:00 - 15:30(GMT+02:00)