Karmaklubb* enters Pigalle: ^^^ Queer Xmas 2022 Edition ^^^!!!

lør10des(des 10)22:00søn11(des 11)03:10Karmaklubb* enters Pigalle: ^^^ Queer Xmas 2022 Edition ^^^!!!And official afterparty for 'Mørklagt Pissoar'!!


Karmaklubb* & Friends at Pigalle: ^^^ Queer Xmas 2022 Edition ^^^!!! This time we enter the legendary but reborn version of Pigalle at Grønland, Oslo. A pleasure cave, cosy as a tiny circus tent, with its curvy pillars. The DJ delight, all night: Selma (Carlo & Selma)! Pop-up sometime late: Prince Orlando Malbec. And *always surprise(s)*. In addition: This is the official afterparty for Mørklagt Pissoar (further reading below). Stripes and costumes most welcome. FB link here. Address: Grønlandsleiret 15, Oslo. Programme from 11:00 PM. *FREE!* ID 20. First come, first served. Kiss and goodnight: 3:10 AM. <3 <3 <3


Mørklagt Pissoar is a no less than a Storytelling Drag Show with Nabi Yeon Geisha and Drag artists Bleach Boo-Boo and Eliza Fierce. This show is based on stories from Norwegian and queer elderly and their experiences when it was forbidden to be gay in Norway. The show lifts the importance of these stories and also celebrates love and friendship. More info in the link to the right. At Pyramiden, SALT, both Saturday and Sunday same weekend. Link here!


10. des 2022 22:00 - 11. des 2022 03:10(GMT+02:00)