Karmaklubb* & Friends at KODE, Bergen Kunsthall, and Landmark!

lør10sept(sept 10)14:00søn11(sept 11)03:00Karmaklubb* & Friends at KODE, Bergen Kunsthall, and Landmark!— A PLEASURE TRIPLET!!!


Karmaklubb* is taking over KODE 4, Bergen Kunsthall, and Landmark 10 September, with a full day of queerness and joy! Karmaklubb* offers talks, performances, Drag shows, and DJ sets. The event is part of Karmaklubb*s ongoing project ‘Queering the Museum’ — which examines several art institutions with a queer gaze.

The day starts with a panel discussion at Bergen Kunsthall (< direct link), second floor at 2 PM, where Maike Statz, Danja Burchard, Tine Semb (Karmaklubb*), Cassie Brødskive will do a panel discussion on queer spaces. The conversation is part of Bergen Kunsthall’s Plattform/Platform series, moderated by Nora-Swantje Almes.

In the evening, Karmaklubb* has invited the city’s local drag scene to KODE 4. From 9.30 PM, Tårnsalen will be filled with various drag acts from Cassie Brødskive with Haus of Friele artists Juan Felipe Machista, Luna Palmer and Maple Thorpe, and the legendary Frida Marida. You can also see an exclusive screening of the short art film Cassie Brødskive x Frida Marida, Queering the Museum — Preus (2022) (3:17 min). In addition, Jorge & Thomas will perform Distance Closed, part 2, which explores pole and contemporary dance.

The evening ends again back at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark, where Karmaklubb* invites you for a fabulous club night. Julie Silset (Idephone Records) and fxggxt play all evening, with possible Drag surprises interspersed with the DJ sets.

2.00 PM Panel discussion, Bergen Kunsthall: Plattform: ‘Queer Spaces?’
9.30 PM Performance and Drag, Tårnsalen, KODE 4
11.00 PM Club, Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark

Karmaklubb* is an autonomous nomadic queer club concept and conversational platform. As well as club nights, Karmaklubb* runs ‘thought and pleasure’ sessions, curatorial work, the ongoing Queering the Museum series, screenings, artist talks, panels, concerts, the art of Drag, wine tastings and food events.

The event is supported by KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes and realised in collaboration with Bergen Kunsthall.

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Cassie Brødskive at Karmaklubb* ‘FESTIVITY AMOUR’ at MUNCH, 18 June 2022, the official opening of Oslo Pride. Photo by Mila Elisabeth Larvoll for Karmaklubb* / Munchmuseet. Frida Marida at Karmaklubb* ‘House of Joie’ at Det Gamle Biblioteket, Oslo. Photo by Julie Hrnčířová for Karmaklubb*, 2022


10. sept 2022 14:00 - 11. sept 2022 03:00(GMT+02:00)