Karmaklubb* goes ‘Wünderkammer’;

tor07okt(okt 7)17:00lør16(okt 16)23:00Karmaklubb* goes ‘Wünderkammer’;10 DAYS OF CELEBRATION AND JOY!!!


*** 10 DAYS OF CELEBRATION AND JOY!!!!! Art, ‘thought and pleasure’, a place to be, club, dance, our Karma* Disko bar, joy. A festival within the festival; Karmaklubb* goes ‘Wünderkammer — Queer Art Festival 2021’! Finally we can celebrate Pride with other people … imagine that. — Full timetable being updated as we go! More partners, too. But happening. And we know many friends are there as well (Open Drag Stage; DragCore  ). ***

Mothership: DOGA. Satellites: Blå and Black Box teater.

*** Facebook link for the Karmaklubb* programme here! The opening club here. *** Karma* www here!

Approximate schedule

Thu, 7 Oct, from 17:00–21:00 ish CEST
Pre-event kickoff with Black Box teater, a foaje session with release of ‘Publikasjon nr. 7’ and ‘Cultural Recovery’, including reading by Kaeto Sweeney and others;
Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness (Gutta) and Marte Reithaug Sterud in conversation with Louis Schou-Hansen: ‘On Butch Tribute’. More info here  and here 

Fri, 8 Oct, from 18:00
18:00–23:00, Opening of ‘Wünderkammer’ at DOGA!!
23:00–03:00, Opening club — first proper club in ages — with DJ: Fru Blom (Daniel & Lauren / TYVEN)!!! pop-up drag by Cassie Brødskive. Where: BLÅ! LINK TO THE GREATNESS!

Sat, 9 Oct, 18:00–23:00
Karmaklubb* presents Saturday night DJ set by Fru Blom (Daniel & Lauren / TYVEN)

Mon, 11 Oct, 18:00–20:00
Thought and pleasure session 1 in collab w/ MELK, in two parts:

A: Publishing and performance; Mabell Holand talk and poetry reading; Kaeto Sweeney intro and performance: ‘Taking your pants off for Tom Jones’

B: Editorial activism and queer publishing: Koyote Millar, Martine Næss Johansen (MELK); Paulina Tamara (Friskmelk.no) and Tine Semb (Karmaklubb*)

Tue, 12 Oct, 18:00 (approx. 45 min)
Thought and pleasure session 2: Kaeto Sweeney, incl. screening of ‘MARTINE’

Wed, 13 Oct

18:00 (approx. 45 min)
Thought and pleasure session 3: ERGI

20:00 (approx. 45 min)
Thought and pleasure session 4: Daniel Mariblanca / 71BODIES conversation and performance (prob. ‘PUSSY DICK’ and ‘I Was Born’)

Thu, 14 Oct, 20:00 (approx. 45 min)
Thought and pleasure session 5: Skeiv kopp

CLUB DAY: Fri, 15 Oct

21:00 (60 min)
Bendik Baksaas *LIVE* w/ Mahal on visuals (HOT HOT HOT!)

22:00 till 23:00
SYNK DJ set!!!

Sat, 16 Oct, 16:00
Conversational workshop with poet and activist Mabell Holand, in collaboration with Skeiv Ungdom (15–24 y.o., but open for everyone!)

Fridays–Saturdays and Monday (perhaps some extra times): Karma* Disko bar. WELCOME!!!!


7. okt 2021 17:00 - 16. okt 2021 23:00(GMT+02:00)