Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': Bendik Baksaas x Mahal *LIVE*

fre15okt21:00fre22:00Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': Bendik Baksaas x Mahal *LIVE*Live techno and synth porn with extraordinary visuals (promise!)


Bendik Baksaas *LIVE* w/ Mahal on visuals (HOT HOT HOT!)

Born in 1991, Bendik’s destiny was intertwined with the upraise of Techno from the very start. Since then he has utilized every interaction with a synthesizer to worship Thor the god of electricity. Repeating rhythms, both analog, digital and mechanical, are all a consequence of electricity.

After spending his teenage years deep in the realm of computer processing, his attention turned to modular synthesizers and drum machines. Being an experienced improviser of electronic music, his sounds are created in the heat of the moment before being carefully treated with software.

Somehow rough waves on wild seas might be possible to consider an analogy to what is flowing through your body while experiencing his music. After all, Bendik is from the coasts of Norway.

To us, Bendik is an analogue synth nerd, lovely being, Techno composer, and a friend with a nice taste in shirts as well. Also, he likes heaven and skies. In April 2020 Bendik joined our ‘Virtual smoke signals 8th’: the grand finale of our online festival — and one of the best virtual concerts we have ever witnessed! — as well as an online gig with Barcelona friends MARICAS in May the same year, the year of urgency. All a collection of technological delights.

Visuals: Daniel Mahal makes and plays electronic visual instruments, spinning vibrations of varying length, weaving improvised into the communal sensory fabric. On the search for rhythmic photonic phase capable of unexpected humanoid interaction, he aims to trigger a proactive neural response cascading to ecstatic kinetic energy in small to medium sized voids. A wizard on visuals. Daniel has also joined us once before; the legendary ‘Virtual smoke signals 8th’, now IRL, lucky us.

Picture: Bendik Baksaas, from Jordopphimlesang at the Nationaltheatret, Oslo 2021. Photo by Øyvind Eide.


Happening: DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16.


10 DAYS OF CELEBRATION!!!!! Art, ‘thought and pleasure’, a place to be, club, dance, joy. A festival within the festival ‘Wünderkammer — Queer Art Festival 2021’! Finally we can celebrate Pride with other people … imagine that. — Full timetable being updated as we go! More partners, too. But happening. And we know many friends are there as well. All at DOGA and two satellites. Follow for updates here and Instagram @karmaklubb_oslo


Stay tuned on the full programme of ‘Wünderkammer’ (also other partners) through the mother events.

And in the Karmaklubb* gold mine: karmaklubb.com/wunderkammer-2021


15. okt 2021 21:00 - 22:00(GMT+02:00)