Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': Daniel Mariblanca / 71 BODIES performances and talk!!!!

ons13okt20:00ons20:46Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': Daniel Mariblanca / 71 BODIES performances and talk!!!!*DO NOT MISS*


Thought and pleasure session 4: Daniel Mariblanca / 71BODIES conversation and performance (prob. PUSSY DICK and I Was Born)


Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1981, Daniel began his professional dance career immediately after graduating from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona in 2005. In 2016, after more than 15 years of dancing professionally around Europe, Daniel joined Carte Blanche in Bergen, Norway. In the same year he created 71BODIES, a transgender inclusive professional dance/performance company. Since then, Daniel has received two nominations for the Pernilleprisen Audience Award (2018: 71BODIES 1DANCE; 2020: Time With You Is Precious), garnered the award for Artist of the Year from the City of Bergen (2018) and recently received Bergens Tidende’s Critics’ Award in Pernilleprisen (2021: In First Person).

Karmaklubb* has been working with Daniel since summer 2019. A warm collaboration. TONIGHT: Live performance as well as the opportunity to meet Daniel.


Happening: DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16.


10 DAYS OF CELEBRATION!!!!! Art, ‘thought and pleasure’, a place to be, club, dance, joy. A festival within the festival ‘Wünderkammer — Queer Art Festival 2021’! Finally we can celebrate Pride with other people … imagine that. — Full timetable being updated as we go! More partners, too. But happening. And we know many friends are there as well. All at DOGA and two satellites. Follow for updates here and Instagram @karmaklubb_oslo


Stay tuned on the full programme of ‘Wünderkammer’ (also other partners) through the mother event.

And in the Karmaklubb* gold mine: karmaklubb.com/wunderkammer-2021


(Onsdag) 20:00 - 20:46(GMT+02:00)