Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': Skeiv kopp!!

tor14okt18:00tor18:45Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': Skeiv kopp!!Meet the artists behind 'queer cups'!


Thought and pleasure session 5: Skeiv kopp

Skeiv kopp makes ceramic cups (things to drink from) dedicated to queer icons. A salute to queerness, openness, and diversity in general. It is a gesture, a toast (cheers!), could even be a gift; a something to be sipped from, integrated in homes widespread the country and abroad. The word means ‘queer mug / jug / cup’. Run by Kristiansand based artists and beautiful beings Jo Ravn Abusland, Pia Eikaas, and Kristine Wessel. The project is also funded by Cultiva.

Happening: DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16.


10 DAYS OF CELEBRATION!!!!! Art, ‘thought and pleasure’, a place to be, club, dance, joy. A festival within the festival ‘Wünderkammer — Queer Art Festival 2021’! Finally we can celebrate Pride with other people … imagine that. — Full timetable being updated as we go! More partners, too. But happening. And we know many friends are there as well. All at DOGA and two satellites. Follow for updates here and Instagram @karmaklubb_oslo


Stay tuned on the full programme of ‘Wünderkammer’ (also other partners) through the mother event.

And in the Karmaklubb* gold mine: karmaklubb.com/wunderkammer-2021


14. okt 2021 18:00 - 18:45(GMT+02:00)