Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': SYNK *LIVE*

fre15okt22:00fre23:00Karmaklubb* goes 'Wünderkammer': SYNK *LIVE*Best Friday ever?! The evening culminates in a LIVE club set!


SYNK *LIVE* club set!!!


SYNK (NOR) — one of our favourite duos and friends since the early beginning. Some of you may have been so lucky to see these two — Ida Christine Stein & Naomi Camilla Straume Moen — with Karmaklubb* at the Munch Museum or at Ingensteds last Oslo Pride, both in 2019, or 2020 at the ‘House of Love!!!’, virtually during our ‘Virtual smoke signals’ or the takeover of Barcelona friends MARICAS — or, in September as part of the magic at the Vigeland Museum — then you know for sure they are not to be missed. Quick reminder: Really hot and eclectic electro and House vibes (including Russian 80s samples!!!) The Sandefjord duo blends dreamy synthesizers with playful percussion with harder electronic music; Techno, hardcore, acid, breakbeats, House, even elements of trance. Vinyl and/or Pioneer. Eclectic, yes, sometimes even challenging, but always surprising — joyful! — serving pleasures of body/mind. We must mention SYNK also runs TENK KLUBB around the eastern part of Norway, besides playing at venues as Dattera til Hagen, Kurbadhagen, Oslo Camping, The Villa, and rather recently: by:Larm and Oslo Club Cast in collaboration with Det Gode Selskab, SALT New Year’s Eve 2020. Their first official release came in September 2020 as part of Full Pupp’s compilation EP FPXX15. This June they joined the festival Hot!Hot!Hot! 2021, Bergen. And we know much more is coming up …(!) They have entered the space of good karma*, created nice vibes (and a good view, too) … uncountable times, and continuing doing so. And SYNK are sort of in residence, unlimited. We love.

Happening: DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16.


10 DAYS OF CELEBRATION!!!!! Art, ‘thought and pleasure’, a place to be, club, dance, joy. A festival within the festival ‘Wünderkammer — Queer Art Festival 2021’! Finally we can celebrate Pride with other people … imagine that. — Full timetable being updated as we go! More partners, too. But happening. And we know many friends are there as well. All at DOGA and two satellites. Follow for updates here and Instagram @karmaklubb_oslo


Stay tuned on the full programme of ‘Wünderkammer’ (also other partners) through the mother event:

And in the Karmaklubb* gold mine: karmaklubb.com/wunderkammer-2021


15. okt 2021 22:00 - 23:00(GMT+02:00)