Karmaklubb* x Open Out Festival 2021!!

fre10septTid: SE DETALJERlør11Karmaklubb* x Open Out Festival 2021!!Danja Burchard & Maike Statz; Skeiv kopp; Charlotte Bendiks!!!


Karmaklubb* x Open Out Festival 2021

We go North for the fourth edition of Open Out, called ‘Border/Lines’. It begins 4 September and lasts for a beautiful week. We will do some ‘thought and pleasure’ sessions and club at Prostneset. The Claw will shine from the port onto the sea. Welcome to a celebration of queerness and joy! Friday, 10 September you can meet Danja Burchard (DEU) and Maike Statz (AUS), coming directly from Oslo with us. They will touch upon queering architectures, borders and lines, sci-fi, possible futures, genders, and such. A glorious double performative session and open conversation. After, we blend into yet another meeting, with the Open Out crew. Followed by bar and lounge. We may play ourselves as well. Saturday, 11 September the evening kicks off as we chat with Skeiv kopp (NOR) about their generous work making ceramics vessels (things to pour liquids or other substances into) celebrating queer icons. The cups are made to give away; some sort of activism to let the queerness infiltrate private spaces ;~} Nighttime we make a club in the glass box of Prostneset. DJ: An old friend and local, Charlotte Bendiks. Kurant host the bar this time, and our Karma* x Disko Brewing ale ‘Sailor’ is available (and special price) for the whole festival! Please join us, both days from 18 CEST. Welcome!




‘Thought and pleasure’ session 1: Performances and talks wiht Danja Burchard (DEU) & Maike Statz (AUS), based on the resent ‘Discussing possible futures, world building, body modification, utopias, dystopias, queering architectures, and more’. Blending into a conversation between Karmaklubb* and Open Out crew, hang out, bar. We might play. Happening: Friday, 10 September from 18:00 CEST. Prostneset, Samuel Arnesens gate 5, Tromsø. *FREE!*



‘Thought and pleasure’ session 2: A conversation with Skeiv kopp about vessels and celebration as activism. Happening: Saturday, 11 September at 18:00 CEST. Prostneset, Samuel Arnesens gate 5, Tromsø. *FREE!*


Karmaklubb* x Open Out Festival 2021 closing party: Lounge and DJ-set by Charlotte Bendiks (NOR). Hell yea! Happening: Saturday, 11 September from 20:00 CEST. Prostneset, Samuel Arnesens gate 5, Tromsø. *FREE!*

Photo: Charlotte Bendiks (NOR), photo by Kåre Grundvåg.


10. sept 2021 - 11. sept 2021 (Tid: SE DETALJER)(GMT+02:00)