Karmaklubb* x Trekanten: Night of Jesters

lør29okt(okt 29)19:00søn30(okt 30)03:30Karmaklubb* x Trekanten: Night of Jesters^Halloween Queerness^


*** ANNOUNCEMENT / SAVE THE DATE: Karmaklubb* & Friends goes the glorious and iconic *new* spot Trekanten for Halloween Saturday, 29 October 2022: Karmaklubb* x Trekanten: Night of Jesters ^Halloween Queerness^ ❤

Place: Pilestredet 24, Oslo

Times: From 7 PM *sharp* to 3:30 AM *ish*.

WITH: Oransjevin and a special selection of orange queer juice for the occasion. DJs: No less than Thorgerdur Johanna Brita_UT and D’Change of Kristiansand friends Klubb Kosmos! Pop-up performances from the OPEN DRAG STAGE Halloween Show: Bambia! Erika Ta Strofe! Madam purpur! Nabi Yeon Geisha! Launch of new merch and other gems, too. Most likely surprises. Indeed. ID 20. CC *FREE* / 100 NOK (after 11 PM).

Quote ourselves: “In ancient days, January was a time for carnivalesque jester parties; a celebration x genders, patriarchy, style, everything. A joyful exception celebrating so-called non-sense. In 2022 we bend.” — Indeed, we do. Tonight is a celebration of life, newborns, re-birth, our ancestors kept alive through our memories and celebration, and TBCs. This will be a true ‘Three of Cups’ — a cheers to life! Bring on your gestures and tricks! No evil, although we know a few devils will be present. Costumes or just eccentric outfits are most welcome but not at all a requirement. Your are welcome in any preferred shape. Note: Birthday individual will be on site; might be Jesus, so please consider this as ‘taken’. *** — Welcome! ❤

Further reading about all the beauties involved HERE.

Fun facts / wordlist

The jester appears in many shapes and variations, related are e.g. the fool or the more acrobatic skilled relative, the harlequin. However, the most common version of the jester today, is perhaps the Medieval one; with colourful and soft hats with pointy tips attached bells announcing its appearance. The jester is also an interesting character due to its play with norms, often using humour, even flamboyance. It is an in-between persona, and despite of class having access to the chateaus as well as the streets, even the court.

“In the Three of Cups, three young women are dancing with each other in a circle, raising their cups high in the air in a toast of joy and celebration. They look to one another with appreciation, honour and respect, and are bound by their emotional connection and friendship. There is a sense of lifting each other up and celebrating each woman’s unique contribution to the group. The ground is layered with flowers, fruit and a pumpkin, symbolising the celebration of an abundant harvest and the goodness in life.” (Biddy Tarot on the Rider Waite cards)


“The future’s here, said the pioneer / There’s room at the top, do-wop do-wop / Whatever comes tomorrow, happened yesterday / Come with us, the future’s here to stay / Dance with us, dance with us / We’re the Devil’s Dancers, swinging all the answers / Dance with us, dance with us. […] All the radon daughters; wonder what they taught us / Making up our status; doubts are only traitors. / Come with us, the future’s here to stay / Dance with us, dance with us / We’re the Devil’s Dancers, swinging all the answers / Dance with us, dance with us.” (Oppenheimer Analysis, ‘The Devil’s Dancers’ [1982])


29 (Lørdag) 19:00 - 30 (Søndag) 03:30(GMT+02:00)