Karmaklubb* x Vin John > Det Gamle Biblioteket: Tasting / smaging / smaking

lør14mai15:00lør18:00Karmaklubb* x Vin John > Det Gamle Biblioteket: Tasting / smaging / smakingPart of 'House of Joie', Det Gamle Biblioteket


Vin John was established in 2014. From the beginning they have worked with smaller ecological wine makers, families around Europe. They still do. Vin John being one of the the first getting the queerest, funkiest, rawest wine to the country, Karmaklubb* has been a fan for years. Karmaklubb* startet as a sort of wine salon, after all.

Welcome to three hours of drop-in ‘queer wine’ tasting — a special selection of orange, yellow, red, pink, sparkling — with nice people and music! Espen Iden DJs. Free entrance, ID 18. Saturday, 14 May from 3–7 PM.


14 May 2022: Karmaklubb* goes Det Gamle Biblioteket after more than two years in limbo. Join the ‘House of Joie’; a 15-hour greatness where cultures meet on queer terms. What a pleasure! Night programme, 7 PM to 3 AM: Nice price tickets. Link in bio. All welcome!

LINK MAIN EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1812840132242298

The event is produced by Karmaklubb* & all the beauties involved. In tight amorous partnership with Det Gamle Biblioteket and TheOsloWay. Supported by Oslo Pride. In collaboration with BLIKK. Love.


14. mai 2022 15:00 - 18:00(GMT+02:00)