Mabell Holand workshop x Skeiv Ungdom

lør16okt14:00lør17:15Mabell Holand workshop x Skeiv UngdomIn collaboration w/ Skeiv Ungdom (15–24 y.o., but open for everyone!)


Conversational workshop with poet and activist Mabell Holand, in collaboration with Skeiv Ungdom (15–24 y.o., but open for everyone!) Part of Karmaklubb* programme.

Mabell Holand [they/them] is a writer, activist, and poet. With a university degree in pedagogy, the psychological and emotional human experience is a source of inspiration. Their work is also driven by the motivation for societal change whether it is regarding LGBTQIA topics, subjects concerning intersectionality or movements such as Black Lives Matter. They have been working as a project leader on the production of the web series Black Representation with Black History Month Norway. They are currently striving to publish their collection of poetry and continue their contribution as a writer for different media entities. Mabell one of the most amazing people we have ever met. Currently based in Viken. Meet them at DOGA Saturday evening.

Some ideas for the workshop

How do we understand ourselves?

— Language, connotations, narratives.

How do we understrand love?

— What does love look like to you?

What is it really to be queer?

— What do you think about when you hear the word queer? What does it mean to you?

How do we speak about queer people?

— What is our culture and what is internalised and subconscious? What is preferred and what is potentially harmful?

What structures are we reinforcing?

— The organizational ‘queer map’ we navigate from.

What would we love to dismiss?

— Are there things we could get rid of for the future generations?

What does safety look like?

— Is safety something that could come from within, or do we need the outside world to adapt more?

Happening: DOGA, Hausmannsgate 16.


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