‘Perfection/Speculation’ meet Danja Burchard (DEU) and Maike Statz (AUS) — queering architecture

tor02sept15:00tor16:15‘Perfection/Speculation’ meet Danja Burchard (DEU) and Maike Statz (AUS) — queering architecturePRAKSIS, Rådhusgata 19, Oslo


 Photo: Still from GIF by Maike Statz on Karmaklubb* web.

You are invited to join a conversation with Danja Burchard and Maike Statz and residents of ‘Perfection/Speculation’ — Marte Aas, Jonathan Armour, Louis Alderson-Bythell, Trinley Dorje, Adam Peacock, Erika Stöckel, and Bobby Yu Shuk Pui.


PRAKSIS Residency 18, ‘Perfection / Speculation’ explores the connotations and ethics of genetic technologies. It has been developed with Adam Peacock and Danai Papadimitriou, in collaboration with Karmaklubb* and the Vigeland Museum.


Happening: Thursday, 2 September at 15:00 CEST

PRAKSIS, Rådhusgata 19, Oslo

Presented by Karmaklubb* in collaboration with PRAKSIS Residency 18

— FREE! —






Maike Statz is an interior architect and artist educated in The Netherlands and Australia, now living in Bergen, Norway, working with writing and installation. Maike is invested in the influence of architecture on individuals and society, focusing on the relationship between gender, sexuality, and space, questioning how history is embedded in our various architectures and what power dynamics are at play. Recently Maike also introduced science fiction into their work, suggesting feminist science fiction is a literary genre through which the cultural constructions of race, class, sex, sexuality, and gender can be decoded. ‘What can we learn from spaces built through writing, in a context where reality is ruptured and re-imagined?’ Maike grasped our attention by these various opening approaches to how architectures are constructed and functioning, and even better: Suggesting methods of how to challenge those structures both on physical as well as philosophical levels. You may call it ‘hacking of disciplined reality’.


Danja Burchard, is an artist, dramaturg, creative producer, and researching mind, currently based in Bergen, Norway. We know Danja through common interests in non-binary thinking and perceptions of the world, challenging patriarchal structures — it be through imagination, investigating the gaps and glitches, in language, or physical gestures and interventions in various architectures. Recently we have been extremely fascinated by written/performative works such as ‘The ALMOST’ (2020) and ‘The Space Between The Lines (SBTL)’ (2020–2021, in development) looking at the different potentials of the ‘yet undefined’, also drawing parallels to concepts such as ‘failure’ and what is considered ‘successful’ behavior or achievements. Yes, please; break it down.


Both Maike and Danja is writing for Karmaklubb*, hopefully into eternity. They also work together, currently on the artistic written encounter ‘BiAS (Bodies in Architecture Structures) Politics of Somatic Architecture’. At least one of their texts will be published in the ‘book of karma*’, hopefully due 2022–2023 and virtually before then.






PRAKSIS Residency 18, Perfection/Speculation explores the connotations and ethics of genetic technologies. It’s developed with Adam Peacock and Danai Papadimitriou in collaboration with Karmaklubb* and the Vigeland Museum. For more information about the residency please click here.


Karmaklubb* is a celebration of good things. It is queer and nomadic by nature, doing clubbing, publishing (we like words), ‘thought and pleasure’ sessions at museums, bars, artist driven hubs, public spaces — wherever. And we are liquid. Probably the most active project of its kind in Scandinavia. https://karmaklubb.com/ 


PRAKSIS is an internationally networked not-for-profit arts and culture catalyst based in Oslo, Norway. By connecting artists, thinkers, and publics across borders and disciplines, we foster experimentation, creative production and the exchange of knowledge. Our public events and publishing focus on the urgent issues of our time and help open up creative practice to diverse audiences. Nicholas and Charlotte Teyler run PRAKSIS on a daily basis. PRAKSIS is also long-term friends of Karma*, collaborating on many projects — past, present, and future ones, doing various open conversations as well as residencies including Adam Peacock, the Vigeland Museum, Tony Cokes, and more. https://www.praksisoslo.org/ 


The Vigeland Museum is devoted to Norway’s most famous sculptor, Gustav Vigeland (1869–1943). It combines the curating of Vigeland’s heritage with the presentation of contemporary art. https://vigeland.museum.no/en 


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