Ravnedans Closing Party 2022 w/ Karmaklubb* and Friends!!

lør09juliTid: SE DETALJERsøn10Ravnedans Closing Party 2022 w/ Karmaklubb* and Friends!!We go south - vol. 2!!!


We are back in the south, this time by the honorable invitation by Ravnedans and in collaboration with local gems Klubb Kosmos. In other words: We gather with new and old friends, you are most welcome to close off Ravnedans 2022 with us. Event starts approx. 19:30. DJ sets by Kastberg and D’Change, B2B, and Drag greatness, too: Queens Paracetia Ibuprophenia and Las’Anja Arancini! *FREE* ID 18. Look for the green Claw!

Ravnedans closes off the festival week with a night of good karma and dancing. How can it be done better than to the beats from Klubb Kosmos  the most notorious club collective in Kristiansand for the finest House and Techno. They offer a levitating cosmos in a world of chaos. — Queer friendly. 


PS: Welcome to join our ‘queer wine’ Friday, 8 July as well HERE!


Karmaklubb*: https://karmaklubb.com/ and IG @karmaklubb_oslo

Klubb Kosmos: KlubbKosmos666 and IG @klubb_kosmos

Paracetia Ibuprophenia and Las’Anja Arancini: IG @paracetia_ibuprophenia and IG @lasanja_arancini

Ravnedans has been organized every year since its launch in 2010 as the first contemporary dance festival in the south of Norway. Since the festival began, the programme has flourished; from the initial walking performance in Ravnedalen to encompass activities hosted in Kristiansand city center over a whole week. The festival appeals to a loyal local audience who have attended the festival since it started and has many visitors at the festival from the dance and art community in Norway and abroad. IG @ravnedans


Visuals by Ravnedans, with a touch of Karmaklubb*. Photo 1: Las’Anja Arancini, by Marius Rimestad. Photo 2: D’Change and Kastberg, by Marie Hjelmerud.


juli 9 (Lørdag) - 10 (Søndag)(GMT+02:00)