Wish Oslo Role Play Weekend 2023

fre22septTid: SE DETALJERsøn24Wish Oslo Role Play Weekend 2023


Wish Oslo Role Play Weekend
September 22-24 – 2023

Welcome to a weekend of Kinky fun, and a unique opportunity to role play in an actual church-come Queer Art – and Culture centre – complete with the nave, isles and altar – and a few smaller side rooms as well. A unique opportunity for those into religious play, but trust that we will find ways for you to participate even if you wouldn’t want to be the priest, choir boy or nun…

Weekend overview
– Friday evening: Meet and greet in a central Oslo pub/restaurant (19-22)
– Saturday (12.30-18.00): Facilitated Group Role-play at SKOKS – A Queer Centre for Art and Culture – originally a Church! Hang-out in the church (order pizza & chill) 18.00-21.00
– Sunday: Nonna (Oslo BDSM venue):
Brunch for role play participants (12-14.00)
Open dungeon (13-17. Doors close at 14.00.)

Roleplay Saturday: NKK 150 for FRI members, NKK 200 for others.
If cost is a barrier to your participation, please contact us.
Sunday: donation-based entry to Nonna.

Role-play programme
On Saturday we will facilitate kinky role play. We have secured a unique Venue: the queer community space SKOKS is a de-sanctified Church – perfect if you are interested in religious role play, and we will make sure to make space for absolutely sacrilegious characters as well.

On Sunday we will have access to the dungeon at Nonna, providing space for those who wish to take the play further or deeper as negotiated on individual or smaller-group basis.
The space will be open to anyone in Wish target group from 1 PM, but we’ll get some time to chat in the role play group, and negotiate further scenarios if we wish.

Who can participate?
The day will be facilitated to be comfortable for beginners as well as more experienced BDSM role-players. Dress Code will be basic black but dressing according to your role will be highly appreciated. A simple structure for negotiation and communicating boundaries will be provided on the day. Some preparation to prepare your role (1-2 hours) will be required. If you choose, you can also participate in a zoom-session in advance, to discuss the setting!

To join, you need to be part of Wish Oslos target group. Wish Oslo is a BDSM- and fetish group for women, trans people (transmen, transwomen, non-binary and other genderqueer people) and/or intersexpeople who live with one of these identities in their everyday lives.

Facilitator and special guest
Facilitator will be Isander, who learned this method for facilitating group role play from the Wish Stockholm role play section. Isander describes themselves as an “enthusiastic but casual role-player”, hoping to create a welcoming and inspiring space for fantasies to be explored.

Special guest of the weekend is Hanne Grasmo, community-based researcher who is looking at the link between sexuality and role play in her PhD study at Centre of Excellency in Game Culture Studies, Tampere. She (he) is a longtime member of Wish, has been to several camps, and she is also an experienced larp designer. Those who wish to contribute to this important work can book in an anonymous interview after the role play. Participation in the study is completely voluntary!

Do you want to lend a hand?
Wish Oslo is currently a very small group, if we can find a few more people happy to lend a hand, we could transform Sunday’s open dungeon into a full blown play-party! Extra practical hands are also welcomed to prepare for the role-play-session.

Dates to keep in mind:
August 24th 19.00: Zoom pre-meet and brainstorming session for those who wish.
August 31st Deadline to register for the Saturday: Participation is limited to 16, so don’t wait!
September 1st: payment deadline, and deadline to submit a rough sketch of your character.

What if I’m not into role-play?
The meet-and-greet on Friday and the Sunday open dungeon are there for you to enjoy, please come along!

To register for the event, please follow this link: https://forms.gle/SXR7ZQRWXJDPwwkP7
You will get more information and payment details within 10 days of registering.
Last day of registration is , September 1st, but don’t wait as space is limited.


sept 22 (Fredag) - 24 (Søndag)(GMT+02:00)